The Top 7 Reasons People Hire Smart to Finish to Support Their Business

The Top 7 Reasons People Hire Smart to Finish to Support Their Business

As a business owner your time is valuable and constantly in demand. How do you balance everything in your life while still growing your business? The best advice I can give a business owner is to focus on what you do best and create a community around you for support. That’s why you need to hire Smart to Finish. We will help you achieve your business goals while you work on dreaming big, working with clients, and bringing in more revenue. Here are 7 ways we can up-level your business and give you some much-needed time back:

1. Create processes and systems 

Do you have a system in place for everything you do in your business? If the answer is no, then rely on the Smart to Finish team to help. A business with systems and processes in place is one that runs smoothly without you having to constantly manage it. The Smart to Finish team will review your current systems, recommend ways to streamline them, and then implement them for you too!

2. Run your launch

If you hold even just one product launch a year, getting help from the Smart to Finish team will save you money and bring you new revenue. Our team knows the software to use to make your launch successful so that you don’t have to learn yet another software program. We will set up your landing pages, opt-in pages, emails, social media, and more. Imagine sending your launch plan and having us implement it while you spend some much needed time with your family!

3. Be your gatekeeper

How many emails do you get a day? Do they all really need YOUR attention?  The Smart to Finish team will handle your email and only bring the most important emails to your attention. We will manage all of your customer service issues, respond to social media requests, and even handle your appointment booking.

4. Build your list

If you are looking for new leads for your business (and who isn’t?!), the Smart to Finish team can help.  We will set up a lead magnet on your website, looks great, ensure it’s delivered, and even test several lead magnets to ensure it’s bringing in the new leads that are right for your niche.  

5. Manage your brand

Your online reputation is key to running a successful business, and the Smart to Finish team knows how to manage it for you.  Whether it’s creating a new website, updating an existing one, or even writing social media content, we handle it all.  

6. Recommend and set up tools

Are you unsure which software tool is best for your business goals?  The Smart to Finish team is experienced with all of the latest tools including: LeadPages, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, WordPress, Zoom, and so many more. We will advise you on what’s working now and implement it for you too!

7. Help you grow

It’s time to grow your business, but you can’t do it alone.  Rely on the Smart to Finish team to get you there.  We will help you figure out which tasks to delegate, offer ideas and advice specific to your business goals, and help you implement all of the steps too.  

As a business owner, your time is also your money, and you can have more of both when you hire Smart to Finish. I understand first-hand the demands of being a business owner and created my team to provide the support you need. Together we will both succeed!

Goal Setting for Success

Goal Setting for Success

When setting goals, procrastination is not your friend. Without a plan of action, you may never achieve your goals.

While setting your goals, you must be able to visualize the end results. Take a moment of solitude and imagine yourself living the result of each goal. Concentrate on what you are presently doing that helps you visualize your goals as being achievable. Take note of any negative thoughts or feelings as well while you are setting your goals.

Don’t set a goal just because someone else thinks you should. Your goals should come from your feelings and emotions and not from someone else’s wishes. If they’re not your goals, you can never give a full level of commitment, and finding motivation to complete them will be difficult. So, analyze each goal with clear thoughts. The goals you set should be exactly what you want to achieve, be, and have in the future.

Keep in mind that the goals that get you fired up are the most important ones. These positive emotions will inspire you to make these goals real.

Some goal-setting techniques to use are:


Six Tricks to Being More Productive

Are you still trying to figure out how you can get everything done in just 24 hours a day?

Most days, it probably seems like an impossible task. How can you run a business, spend quality time with family and friends, and still have time to enjoy hobbies and other interests? There’s a lot to do and very little time. Even so, there are fast and easy tips you can implement in your daily routine that will simplify your life, reduce stress, and help you to be more productive. (more…)

Why You Need to Delegate to Succeed in Business

If you’re trying to run a small business with little help, then you know how overwhelming things can become. Most of the time financial resources come into play, or people feel they can complete projects quicker themselves. The truth of the matter is if you ever want to succeed in business, you’re going to need to delegate.

When you hire a virtual assisting team to help run your business, you’re hiring a team of professionals that will most likely complete a job quicker and more efficiently. In addition, allowing a team to take over all of your administrative, web marketing, and web development tasks will save you a lot of money in the long run. This allows business owners to get back to what they do best, bringing in new customers and expanding their business.

Here are three tips on how you can delegate successfully:

  1. Figure out what you’re willing to delegate
    When you’re first starting out, you should consider assigning smaller tasks and work up to the larger, more complicated tasks. This will give your virtual assisting team time to learn your procedures, policies, and way of doing things.
  2. Pick the right person for the job
    Find out the strengths and weaknesses of each of your team members and pass along projects to those you believe are the best fit for the job. A couple of things to look for in virtual assistants include; confidence, self-motivation, and able to work without constant supervision.
  3. Make sure you communicate CLEARLY!
    This is probably the most important key to great delegation. No matter what the task, always be upfront about expectations, deadlines, and provide all of the information the team or person will need to complete the goals for the task. Communication should be clear and concise — the more direction you give your team, the better your chances of them coming back with exactly what you wanted.

Delegating in business is critical to your success. Set yourself up for the future by investing in yourself now. Get started with an experienced virtual assistant team like Smart to Finish that can make your business succeed and your life a little easier.

Why Every Internet Marketer Needs At Least One Membership Site

Are you looking for other ways to increase profits using the web? Aren’t we all? One thing to consider is starting a membership site. It’s really quite simple… set up a website, charge a monthly fee, offer your customers awesome content, keep it running, aaaaaand profit. Ok – maybe there’s a little bit more to it than that, so that’s why we’ve got this handy list of benefits to owning a membership site.

• Dominate the competition in your niche
If you have a membership site, you’ll stand out amongst the people who have a score of e-books but nothing else to offer their customers.

• Get more money out of your list
You may have heard that “the money is in the list”. And, you’ll want to get as much money from your list members as you can. A membership site is the perfect way to do this.

• Increase customer loyalty
If your site has great content and you respond promptly to all queries, a membership site will increase customer loyalty a lot better than selling individual products. This is because the customer will feel as if you’re more accessible.

• Develops a sense of community
Membership sites that have a forum help encourage a sense of community. So not only do the members interact with you, but they can interact with each other. This is a good selling point and a benefit for the owner of the site because it is another thing that will help increase your customer’s loyalty.

• Great way to build a list
If you want to start a free membership site, or offer portions of your membership site for no cost, it can present an effective way to build a list.

• Develop passive income
Although internet marketing is a great career, the money can be a little unstable. A membership site is a good way to not only make more money, but to make the income you do bring in a lot steadier.

• They don’t need to be complicated
A lot of people assume that a membership site is complicated. Not necessarily. There are plenty of options that are simple, such as exclusive content delivered via autoresponder.

Back to that profit, let’s look at the math… say you have a membership site that offers exclusive content related to your niche. If you charge $19.95 a month and have 100 subscribers, that translates to nearly $2000 profit and all you needed to do was refresh the content and make sure the site is running properly.

Not a web person? Or a writer? We can help you with both. Shoot us a note at Smart to Finish – we can build, maintain, and market your new membership site and really make it a seamless process.

5 Ways To Be Available And In Control Of Your Time

These days, it seems like the world is moving way too fast for any of us to keep up. If you’re trying to run a small business while trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life today, it’s especially difficult. There’s just so much to do and so little time to do it. We’ve all experienced times where you’re so bogged down with stuff to do it seems like you’re never going to get to everything you need to. Where does the time go?

If you feel like you’ve lost track of time and you’re ready to take it back, then read on my friend. We have compiled a list of five ways you can take back your free time and be more in control of your availability. So without further ado…

  1. Where is all of your time going in the first place?

    Before we can figure out how to better manage your time, we need to know where it’s all going in the first place. Track your time for a couple of weeks and see where you’re spending the most of it.

  2. Time to Eliminate

    Now that you’ve figured out where all your time is going, you’re ready to start eliminating those non essential tasks you’re spending way too much time on. Have a virtual assistant or part time employee? Delegate these tasks out!

  3. Avoid Multi-tasking

    I know, I know, this is much easier said than done. But think about it… if you focus on one important thing at a time and just keep busting them out, eventually, you’re going to be through your to-do list and it’s only noon… Time for a lunch time margarita, don’t ya think?

  4. Set Aside Time to Communicate

    Only check email a couple of times a day and set a specific time aside to do it! Continuously checking your email throughout the day is extremely wasteful because you’re focusing on more than one item, and you’re going to get distracted by new items coming in all day long. Just stop. Check first thing in the morning and after lunch, and that’s it!

  5. Learn it’s OK to say NO

    You need to figure out what your limits are. If you’re already stretching your time thin, say NO. It’s really OK to say it if you just can’t manage the work. Your customers will be much happier waiting for products and services if they know you can focus your entire energy making sure they’re getting the best of your products and services. If you’re rushing through too many client orders at once, things can get messed up, mistakes can be made, and customers can get upset.

Still having trouble trying to figure out time management? We would love to help get you back on the road to vacations and free time with the family. Contact us today to get started.