Meet the Delegation Divas! A Virtual Assistant Support team.

Experience. The. Difference.

Hey there, we are glad you are here! You may be looking for a virtual assistant or marketing support team for a few reasons…

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You are tired of spending too much time managing several different contractors?
  • You are feeling like you have outgrown your current support team?
  • You may be frustrated finding and keeping a reliable and tech savvy virtual assistant and support team?
  • Or, you just haven’t found that “perfect” virtual assistant and support team yet?

Whether you need an Infusionsoft support virtual assistant to manage your system and campaigns, a marketing virtual assistant help with the day-to-day business management and operations, a product launch virtual assistant who gets launches, or a technical virtual assistant, look no further. We’ve got your back.

We Are Different Here at Smart to Finish.

Known as the “Delegation Diva’s”, Smart to Finish has been supporting busy entrepreneurs since 2004. We don’t just hire anyone. Our unique team of “divas” are full-time, US-based, rockstar employees.  This ensures our clients that their needs will always be our team’s priority. 

As highly-trained automation experts, we love working with our clients on an on-going monthly basis to ensure that they don’t ever become the bottleneck in their own business! If you are looking for task masters who simply wait on you to give them things to do – we’re not for you.

If you are looking for a proactive virtual assistant service to support your growing business, let’s connect!

I hired Smart to Finish to replace a beloved assistant who was my right-hand woman for nearly seven years. The STF team made the transition smooth, they brought new expertise and ideas to the table, and they executed all of their tasks with minimal training. I’ve now been a client for five months and together, we’ve already streamlined my weekly blog, launched a brand new website, successfully introduced two new (and profitable) programs, and cleaned up my email marketing system.

Janet is a super savvy Infusionsoft expert who’s attention to detail has prevented a few disasters, she’s quick, responsive, smart, and resourceful.

Jennifer’s ability to lead the team, listen fully to customer concerns and requests, and neutralize potentially sticky situations is also a breath of fresh air. When my assistant left, I was certain I’d never find a replacement to fill her shoes. But thanks to STF, I’ve found an even better match.

Dallas Travers

Entrepreneur and Life Coach,

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