Sharing some love we have received from our clients!

The easiest techie girl I’ve ever worked with and she knows how to make things pleasing to the eye. Plus, I love knowing if I’m in a pinch or my website has a glitch, she will find a solution fast! Amber ROCKS!

Jeanna Gabellini

MasterPeace Coaching

Where most entrepreneurs get stuck in everything ’tech’ it takes to market their brand and sell online. There’s no need to do it yourself, or even figure out what you need. Smart to Finish is a great resource for busy entrepreneurs who need virtual assistance and tech support.

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur Mentor + Founder of 'The Trust’ Network for 7+8 Figure Women Leaders

Amber and team are outstanding partners. They offer fantastic creative ideas, detailed follow through, and excellent flexibility to manage dynamic projects. Amber is a strong project manager and is a wonderful collaborator easily transitioning from financial, to logistics, to design considerations. This is a client focused team that takes care of all the details from start to finish.

Michael Metzger

Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at University of Massachusetts Boston

Amber is a rockstar. Not only does she have years of experience as a VA and knows more than many others in our industry, she also has something that can’t be taught – dedication. Once Amber commits to something she is in 100% and will do whatever it takes to deliver. I highly recommend Amber and her team for the brilliance and knowledge.

Tina Forsyth

Online Business Manager

In the 21 years I’ve owned and operated my business I have hired a number of people to support my vision.

By far, Amber of Smart to Finish, is in the top percentile of outstanding vendors I’ve worked with. 
She, and her entire team, is conscientious, committed to the success of her clients, delivers above and beyond and a true delight to work with.

I have recommended Amber to many of my clients and will continue to do so. It is with complete confidence you can hire Smart to Finish for many of your company needs.

Kathleen Gage

Power Up for Profits

For the past 6 years I have had the good fortune of working with Smart to Finish to handle my outgoing newsletter and email blasts.

They are very professional and easy to work with and I am always impressed with how responsive they are to my needs and requests.

I love working with them virtually!

Arielle Ford


“A” Team’s got your back!

For years, I restricted my growth by trying to do too many things, and not well at that.

Then came my motto, “Banish the solo in solo preneur”. I used to say, I could not afford to have support in administration and operations. Now I know, I can’t afford not to have it.

Here’s the rub. It’s not enough for me to have support that is “good”. I want to work with people that are interesting, engaged, and with flair and personality. Check out their web site ( and you can feel the vibe. I assure you, its authentic branding.

I am grateful to have found Smart to Finish. Hat’s off to Amber for building a team of light-hearted, skilled Divas that not only get it done, get it done well, but do it with personality and heart. Winning combination. I work with Andrea, but I rest easy knowing if she is enjoying well deserved personal time, someone on the “A” team has her back (and mine). I affectionately call them the “A” team because 40% of the first names begin with the letter A. 😊 But I’ve worked with Laura, and she is just as “A”.

I am grateful to the “A” team for their enthusiastic support and without hesitation recommend their service so you can focus on investing your precious energy on the objectives that bring you to the next level in your business. They’ve got your back. With enthusiasm!

Tom Rosenak

DiamondMind Enterprises

When you work with Smart To Finish, you’re not just hiring a virtual assistant.

Amber is a talented project manager with extensive knowledge of online businesses and a deep bench of multi-talented team players. Plus she genuinely cares. She and her Divas have taken the time to really get to know our business (and us!). 

Not only do I feel completely comfortable delegating critical tasks (and knowing that they’ll be done right) but they’ve suggested new tools and better practices that have made our business run better and more profitably

It is hands down the best staffing investment we’ve ever made. 

Monica Reinagel

Nutrition Expert

Amber Miller is the absolutely the best assistant I have worked with in the last 20 years. She cares about her client’s businesses, successes and lives as if they were her own. I know she is as committed to my business as I am and I can relax and let go.

It is rare that you can find someone who is as committed to your goals as you are – but that is Amber Miller. Her business experience, commitment to customer service, technological gifts and ability to focus on what is important are a rare combination.

Casey Truffo


“I’ve worked with Amber and her team now for 9 years now. She’s delightful to work with. She understands the struggles of entrepreneurship and the challenges of online marketing. She creates the conduit to navigating both and keeping your sanity intact in the process!”

Julie Perrine, All Things Admin

Amber, Kate and the whole approach to STF’s customer service are the best I’ve had in 12 years of business!

So pleased and grateful 🙏

Marla Diann

I’ve been working with Smart To Finish for 10 years now and I’ve come to think of them as “my team.” From their knowledge of Infusionsoft (they know all the things it can do!) to their web design and support skills, I count on them to run the marketing side of my business.

They are incredibly responsive and, quite frankly, so fun to work with! Try them out and, I promise, you will be with them for a long time too.

Nancy Roberts

Amber and team are great at jumping into any challenge or area we need them to help with in our business.
They have a wide range of expertise, are positive in energy, and are strategic in their efforts.
We use them for website changes, tech issues, database management, and other assistance and support.

Jen Spencer

Amanda is not only very professional but really seeks to understand the focus of her client and their intention in what they are building with their business. She has had patience as well as invaluable input regarding our projects. She is focused and dedicated as well as very collaborative.

I highly recommend Amanda as not only a VA but also a collaborator for business. I look forward to continuing to work with her and Smart to Finish to evolve my business!

Many thanks,

Paula Hannasch

One of the best decisions I made in my business, is to start working with Amber and Smart to Finish in 2012. Amber and her team go above and beyond to make sure everything that needs to be done behind the scenes of my business goes smoothly & efficiently. From answering client emails to technical issues to designing my new website to creating the most beautiful sales pages: their work is always fantastic. The quality of their work is outstanding. And if something is urgent, they immediately take any action that needs to be taken.

On top of all that, both Amber and her team members are wonderful people to work with: they truly care for my business and me.

I feel very fortunate to work with them, and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They truly are the best, and I am certain you will love them as much I as do.

Brigitte van Tuijl

Brigitte van Tuijl

If you’re looking for an A-Plus Virtual Assistant, I would highly recommend Amber Miller.  She is a team player and does exceptional work. Please feel free to message me if you need any other recommendation.

Gale Bates

My Mentor Biz

I used to be stressed and overwhelmed by all the work I had to get done as an entrepreneur. I wanted to be able to stay in creative content and flow, but not knowing how to do the tech stuff, and the lack of desire and time to learn how, kept me stuck.

I realized I couldn’t do it all alone; I needed support to be able to see the vision of my business to fruition and a team of people that would help me get there. Working with Smart to Finish was the best decision I’ve made in growing my business.

Everyone I’ve worked with has been easy to communicate with, gave prompt turnaround time to tasks, and most importantly, was able to see potential issues, solve them before I even knew about it, and presented me with such quality work that I didn’t need to spend time and money in the up and back of corrections. This allows me to completely trust my team to get it done efficiently and professionally.

I couldn’t ask for a better support to grow my business. I have recommended Smart to Finish to so many people! I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have them on my side.

Joree Rose

Working with Amber and her team is super easy. I had a conversation with Amber and right off the bat – I knew. I had been interviewing VAs and when we chatted, it was a full body YES!

Having Amber and her team help me with copy, accountability and focus has been hugely impactful for my business. Smart to Finish truly wants to be a part of the success of all their clients businesses. I highly recommend Amber, Smart to Finish and her stellar Diva team!

Jenn Bradshaw Almond

Amber not only has knowledge of html, wordpress and infusionsoft – but her fun personality and sincere interest in her clients is what truly sets her apart. Her genuine support of my business feels it is coming from her heart.

Eva Gregory

Your Guidance on Demand

Amber’s team is exceptional: smart, conscientious, professional, and fun! Their technical expertise and proactive support made my program launch seamless and stressless. They consistently had my back (and held my hand!).

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Ann Sutton

Just wanted to check in and let you know how much we LOVE working your team . Exactly what we look for in a team member.

Thank you for being so sensitive to our needs!

Sharon Desjarlais

My requirements for team members are simple. I look for someone who is 100% reliable, trustworthy and punctual. I also look for someone who is pleasant to work with and wears well over time. I have been working with Amber over four years now and she is all of the above and more!

Rob Berkley

Vision Day

Back in 2013, the Smart to Finish team was able to jump in and pick up where an exiting team left off. The hand-off was done quickly and smoothly and it was nice to have the backup of a full team so there was no downtime if a team member was out. The Divas helped keep our launches on track and provided valuable feedback from their experience with other launches.

The Divas also took over the reins of client care, helped us get our files organized, and made sure that our clients felt taken care of and that they were number one. They also helped train new team members made sure the coaches had what they needed. They really were a part of our work family and not just consultants.

Cathy Donovan Wagner


Amber and her team are top notch! They helped us with a launch and gave us excellent tips and strategies that increased our success from the previous year.

So, when my assistant injured her shoulder and was unable to work for close to two months, we both immediately thought of Smart to Finish. Amber and her team saved the day. They helped us stay up to date with all our marketing and administrative work, cleaned up our database and even handled a last minute challenge with aplumb, advising us where needed.

Amber and her team are experts at Infusionsoft and ended up updating our newsletter templates and branding as well. I could not be more grateful for their professionalism, dedication and over and above commitment (Natalie worked some weekends to handle the unexpected project which came our way).
I recommend them with my highest praise!
Lisa Tener, Book Writing and Publishing Coach

Having worked with Amber and her team for about 8 years now, I can confidently say that I trust that whatever I need on the backend of my business will be done. Anything from launch email campaigns, creating website sales pages, autoresponders, graphics, editing radio show audios, managing FB group admin, wordpress website management, customer liaison, back up for webinars and probably so much more that I haven’t covered. Amber is always a calm force when things are chaotic, and a great support when creating plans and taking care of business! I’m truly appreciative of all she and her team do.

Louise Crooks

Holistic Business Coach, Keys to Clarity

I was just reviewing my hours update from Smart to Finish and marveled at how proficient you are without wasting my time (and money). I think that’s a fear of any entrepreneur considering hiring a VA — that they’ll needlessly inflate hours. I know I never have to worry about that with you and the Smart to Finish crew.

Also, I believe we’ve established a great rapport and understanding of each other. I really appreciate your suggestions and initiatives and, most of all, caring about my clients, my business and myself. It’s wonderful working with you, Lori, and I’m so glad I chose Smart to Finish.

Donna Kozik

My Big Business Card

Amber, just want to let you know how amazing Penelope and Maya are. They’ve been helping me so much and your team is so professional. Just want to acknowledge and appreciate the great support.

Eve Rosenberg

Lessons Learned in Love

Just wanted to share how thrilled I am with Tina’s work on my developing website! Simply amazing! Thoroughly knowledgeable about her craft! Always super eager to help and provide whatever information I need!

Always takes the time we need and is totally committed to getting it right and ending up with a masterpiece!

Thank you for having Tina on your team so she can be on my team and everyone else’ team who is fortunate enough to be your client and work with smarttofinish.

Sam Leiter

When I came to Smart To Finish it was my second time speaking with them. I wish I had hired them in the first place. Instead I went with a solo virtual assistant who was charging just a bit lower. I lost tons of money and time with her. With Smart To Finish, my work is completed on time and the team reminds me if I forgot something. Wow. This team is exceptional in every way. I thank God everyday for their support in making my business a huge success. I’ve been online for a while and I can say that Smart to Finish is just what the doctor ordered!

Darlene Karpaski, MA

Wellness Marketing Warriors