Have Business Owner Burnout? Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Have Business Owner Burnout? Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

Did you know that hiring a virtual assistant can help with entrepreneur burnout? Company problem-solving can often feel nearly impossible to turn off. Even when you aren’t ‘on the clock,’ you often find yourself troubleshooting and brainstorming. The potential for mental exhaustion is real, but that’s only part of the equation.

On top of the ongoing mental toil of owning a business, you face the logistics side. That to-do list can seem a mile long, which can lead to persistent feelings of inadequacy. If the stress of too many tasks weighs heavily on you for long, that can lead to business owner burnout and overwhelm.

In her “Entrepreneur” article entitled Understanding Entrepreneurial Burnout (And How to Deal with It), Genny Ghanimeh shares the following:

“It is worth pointing out that burnout doesn’t only occur when things aren’t going well. Many entrepreneurs running very successful businesses can be, and are, just as susceptible to burnout.”

Burnout also consists of more than simply being busy. At its core, entrepreneur burnout becomes far more insidious than merely feeling like you have too much to get done. After all, when you believe in what you’re doing and why, that can help you skate through many exhausting days without serious concern.

But with business burnout, it becomes challenging to hobble or even crawl through your day due to unresolved stress or anxiety. Some have said that the root of burnout is resentment. That resentment can lead to a debilitating lack of energy, purpose and vision for your business. You find yourself loathing even the tasks you once loved.

That’s a scary place to be. How do you move your business forward feeling that way? The answer is you can’t…Not without help anyway. But the good news is that hiring a virtual assistant can better allow you to overcome your burnout. Here are some specific ways that can happen.

Self-Defeating Burnout Patterns Get Broken with a Virtual Assistant

What’s the greatest temptation as a business owner when your productivity drastically declines due to burnout? The first thing often is that you stack all the tasks you think you should’ve completed today onto your to-do list for tomorrow.

That added pressure only makes each new day feel all the more impossible. You become paralyzed. You place so much pressure on yourself to get ‘everything’ done that you get little to nothing accomplished the next day…and the next. The defeat you experience gradually worsens as your high expectations are followed by what you perceive as an epic failure.

Business owners can rarely break out of this cycle alone. Although various strategies can help you escape this self-defeating cycle, one of the best is hiring a virtual assistant, virtual team or online business manager to assist with your tasks.

Once some of those responsibilities are accomplished, you won’t have to place so much pressure on yourself. As a result, your productivity will drastically increase due to consistently lower stress levels.

Delegating to a VA Can Help You Get Additional Rest During Burnout

When you face entrepreneur burnout, the thing you most need is what you feel you can least afford—rest. Because you operate in a constant productivity deficit, you feel guilty about taking a break. You hope that if you keep trying harder, things will eventually be different. The sad news is that, without adequate rest, life won’t get better—It’ll just keep getting worse.

You need more sleep. More family time. More exercise. You need to push the business concerns aside for a while to answer your deeper life concerns. The ones you were in touch with better before your business began consuming you so entirely that you now struggle to know who you are, why you do what you do or what you should do next.

Stepping back is the only way to heal, as scary as that may initially seem. It may feel like taking your hands off the steering wheel during rush hour traffic. Still, it’s critical.

Virtual assistant services can help you accomplish tasks that keep you from the rest you so desperately need. That way, you can step away for a while and become the best version of yourself.

A Virtual Assistant Can Guard Against Future Business Burnout

The best burnout care is preventative. You get to the root problems before they become destructive to your personal wellness, business and family. If you’re recovering from burnout or don’t currently consider yourself burned out, now is a great time to consider how remote assistants can help with tasks.

Instead of looking at burnout as something we have or don’t, it’s best to view it as a spectrum we all fall somewhere on. That fact is all the clearer given the additional pandemic stress nearly all business owners faced during the past year. Each day, we make choices that take us closer to burnout’s ‘danger zone’ or further away from it.

As you work at preventing burnout, stay aware of its signs. Also, be especially careful if you’ve experienced significant burnout in the past, so you don’t develop a chronic and long-lasting form of burnout.

Want to Learn More About How a VA Can Help Your Business?

Have you struggled with business owner overwhelm or burnout lately? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Smart to Finish exists to help you with complex problems like these. We well understand that business overwhelm can happen at any stage, from startup burnout to feeling burnt out even after your business is established and thriving.

Whether you’re looking for the best virtual assistant for your business, remote managing or a virtual assistant team, we’re here for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can significantly ease your stress through delegating to a virtual assistant, feel free to reach out. You can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us to determine the next best steps!

Meet Amber Miller, Founder and Chief Delegation Diva at Smart to Finish Office Solutions

Meet Amber Miller, Founder and Chief Delegation Diva at Smart to Finish Office Solutions

Meet Amber Miller… the founder and Chief Delegation Diva at Smart to Finish Office Solutions.

Amber is a Mom to 3 kids (23, 18, and 12), and a Mom to several 4-legged animals (6 dogs, a cat, a mini horse, and a mini donkey), and 40 chickens.  Managing this zoo/household has brought out Amber’s nurturing nature, super organization skills, and incredible ability to multi-task. It’s these same skills that make her clients breathe a huge sigh of relief. Amber is like a breath of fresh air and a steady wind at your back all at once. 

When she’s not loving on her clients, you’ll more than likely find Amber outside camping, boating, or hitting the trails on her Polaris. 


Amber’s Background


With a background in technology and marketing and a dream of starting her own company, Amber did just that in 2005. It was at this time that she began working as a virtual assistant. Word traveled fast and Amber’s business quickly grew. 

By 2008, Amber saw the benefit of hiring a virtual assistant herself. And she began hiring other women who shared the same passions and dreams as her. And that is how she built Smart to Finish Office Solutions, cloning herself with each new hire. 


Amber Cares About Her Clients


Amber’s special gift is her heart and her genuine desire to see her clients succeed. She cares about their business as much as her own. 

Here’s what some of Amber’s long-time clients have to say about working with her:


“The easiest techie girl I’ve ever worked with and she knows how to make things pleasing to the eye. Plus, I love knowing if I’m in a pinch or my website has a glitch, she will find a solution fast! Amber ROCKS!”
~ Jeanna Gabellini, MasterPeace Coaching


“In the 21 years I’ve owned and operated my business I have hired a number of people to support my vision. By far, Amber of Smart to Finish, is in the top percentile of outstanding vendors I’ve worked with. She, and her entire team, is conscientious, committed to the success of her clients, delivers above and beyond and a true delight to work with. I have recommended Amber to many of my clients and will continue to do so. It is with complete confidence you can hire Smart to Finish for many of your company needs.”
~ Kathleen Gage, Power Up for Profits


“Amber is a rockstar. Not only does she have years of experience as a VA and knows more than many others in our industry, she also has something that can’t be taught – dedication. Once Amber commits to something she is in 100% and will do whatever it takes to deliver. I highly recommend Amber and her team for the brilliance and knowledge.” 
~ Tina Forsyth, Online Business Manager


Stop Hesitating, and Start Delegating


Amber’s #1 tip for clients who are looking to grow their business is to stop hesitating and start delegating! You have to start somewhere. Hiring an assistant and building her team was the smartest move Amber made for her business, and she’d like to help you make this step for yours. 

If you’d like to find out if Smart to Finish is the right team for you, click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Setting New Year’s Business Goals? A Virtual Team or VA Can Help

Setting New Year’s Business Goals? A Virtual Team or VA Can Help

Have you ever considered hiring a virtual team, virtual assistant or online manager to help with your New Year’s business goals? Traditionally, setting individual goals for the new year meant putting all the pressure to change or achieve on yourself. Like most of us, you probably had your share of disappointment after some of those goals fell by the wayside.

Perhaps if you’d had some people come alongside you to encourage you with those individual goals, you would’ve experienced greater success. The same could be said of your business goals for 2021. Sure, you’re an essential part of your company, but you can’t do it all alone.

In his “Entrepreneur” article entitled, 4 New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Should Make, Syed Balkhi shares the following:

“By making New Year’s resolutions for your business—and following through with them—your business can reach new heights this coming year.”

As the New Year approaches, here are some possible goals setting ideas to consider as you weigh the option of working with a virtual assistant company.

Re-Explore Your Long-Term Vision

Whew! If ever there was a years’ end to go back and look at your long-term strategy again, this was it. With all the pressing matters businesses had to juggle, it was easy to fall into survival mode and stay there.

For that reason, it’s crucial after a year like 202o to revisit what you’ve wanted to implement but struggled to accomplish. To do that, you’ll need time to think outside of the ‘hamster wheel schedule’ this year may have become for you.

Intentionally clearing your schedule will be a must. Otherwise, you’ll risk starting 2021 on the same track. That’s where hiring a virtual assistant company can help to quickly give you some much needed time to plan your next moves. Without time for strategizing, your business could miss out on some of the best 2021 has to offer.

Review Customer or Client Complaints

None of us like to think about disappointing our clients or customers. It’s a painful thought but happens at times despite our best efforts. When setting smart business goals, think about any reoccurring themes you found in your complaints.

Once you identify aspects of your business you can improve on in 2021, think about whether a VA team, VA or OBM could help. A virtual assistant team will likely be able to help you make your customers happier in 2021.

Envision a Post-Pandemic Approach

It may be difficult to imagine at the moment, but a 2021 vaccine could lead to a post-pandemic scenario which will likely require a different business approach than your current one.

How will you change your business strategy post-pandemic? Tentatively setting business goals for this transition will help you to prepare better for the road ahead. It will also help you to rapidly implement a strategy change when the moment arrives.

Perhaps you’ll want to ramp up your hiring process or will have some aspects of your business that need delegated immediately. This transition and beyond could be a great time to consider what a virtual assistant company can do for you after the pandemic calms down. As you plan, it wouldn’t hurt to speak with a VA company at least a few months before you expect demand for their services.

Virtual Team or Remote Assistant: Could 2021 Be the Year?

At Smart to Finish, we can help you achieve more in 2021 through delegation. You don’t have to let the new year slip by without accomplishing business goals that are important to you. Our team is ready to assist you.

Is it possible you’ll need a virtual assistant, remote team or online business manager during the upcoming year? If so, now is the perfect time to schedule a 30-minute free consultation with us.

Looking for the Best Virtual Assistant Company? Why 2021 Will Be the Year to Hire

Looking for the Best Virtual Assistant Company? Why 2021 Will Be the Year to Hire

What’s the best virtual assistant company to help your business grow in 2021? As the new year approaches, you likely find yourself setting business goals to improve your approach. If so, one of the best ways to reach your goals is to delegate tasks through virtual assistant services.

As 2021 draws closer, this year looks to be the best one yet to find support from a remote assistant company. To say the least, 2020 was an unusual year for businesses because of the pandemic. The unexpected events led to a higher demand for VA services and that doesn’t look to change in 2021.

In his “Forbes” article entitled 5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Virtual Office, Chris Porteous shares the following:

“Virtual offices have seen a massive rise in popularity. In these tough economic times, businesses have realized they need to reconsider their spending. If a business can eliminate 15% of its expenses, it has more leeway when it comes to turning a profit.”

Why will 2021 be the best year yet for VA services? Here are several reasons.

Hiring a VA Company Will Come More Naturally for Businesses in 2021

Although not true for all businesses, many transitioned to virtual staff arrangements on a large scale. What does that mean going into 2021? Although it was an undeniably ‘bumpy ride’ in the short term, plenty of businesses became more comfortable with the idea of virtual staffing out of necessity.

This coming year will be an easier transition into virtual assistant services. Businesses understand the benefits of virtual employees in a way that is light years ahead of where they were less than a year ago.

So, going into 2021, hiring a virtual assistant, virtual team or online business manager from a VA company will make more sense. Right from the start, you’ll already understand how these services can help your business, have greater experience working with virtual staff and feel a higher comfort level with going this route.

The Pandemic’s End Won’t Stop the Interest in Virtual Work

This year was incredibly stressful for many businesses. Besides the potential for significant loss of revenue, unprecedented disruptions drastically changed how work was done. In many cases, these interruptions were made more challenging as in-person workplaces were abandoned for at-home and virtual ones.

So, the big question is, “How will work be different after the pandemic becomes controlled through a vaccine?” While there are various opinions out there, most agree that the workplace will never be the same.

We quickly realized we neglected to operate at our full technological potential. Because we didn’t gradually make changes over the past decade, immediately doing so during a pandemic emergency was incredibly difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Businesses fought hard to change to a virtual workplace this year. They won’t want to lose all the ground they gained once 2021 rolls around. For that reason, even after life returns to ‘normal,’ virtual assistant services will remain in high demand. The way we do work has fundamentally changed and there’s no going back.

As more businesses learn how to effectively operate remotely in 2021 and beyond, look for them to use VA services more frequently. The days of viewing delegation to a VA company as ‘futuristic’ or ‘ahead of its time’ are officially over. The dawn of virtual work has arrived en masse, and it’s here to stay for businesses able to pull it off logistically.

Companies Will Want to “Future Proof” their Businesses

“What else could disrupt my company in the future?” Countless businesses are asking this exact question. Although no one knows the answer for sure, plenty of companies want to update their approach before the unforeseen strikes again.

Even after the pandemic concludes (hopefully sometime in 2021), look for businesses and employees to desire and encourage remote work as a form of ‘future-proofing.’ No one in our lifetime will forget what happened in 202o, and no one wants to be caught in a situation where they’re unable to rapidly function remotely.

Having help from a virtual assistant company in 2021 will uniquely position businesses to prepare for any obstacles that come their way in the future. That could include national security threats, natural disasters or another health emergency, for example.

We learned the hard way this year that the time to prepare for the unexpected as a business isn’t once something happens. If there are ways to prepare beforehand, that makes the most sense.

Finding the Best Virtual Assistant Company for Your Business

Would you like to learn more about our VA services? If so, please reach out to us. Smart to Finish has helped many businesses navigate the pandemic more effectively. We also look forward to assisting businesses once COVID is more under control. Whether you need a remote team, online manager or virtual assistant, we can offer the support you need.

Scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with us only takes a moment but could be a significant turning point in your business. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

The Qualities of a Superior Virtual Team in 2021

The Qualities of a Superior Virtual Team in 2021

Could your business benefit from a virtual team’s help as we soon head into 2021? If you’re like many rapidly growing companies, you may not have the time to build your own virtual team, but the need persists. That’s where finding a virtual assistant company that can provide the VA team option can be indispensable.

In our rapidly changing world, virtual assistant services are continually evolving. And the remote team aspect is no different. To that end, here are some characteristics of superior remote teams to consider as we approach 2021.

Remote Team Members with Experience

If you value a virtual assistant company that can provide you with a remote team, you’ll want a team with experience. This is especially true since the pandemic has brought many new virtual assistants and VA companies into the mix.

While it’s not always possible for everyone on a VA team to have years of experience, there should be the right balance of veterans among the ranks. A virtual team already skilled because of familiarity with tasks will give you a noticeable advantage as 2021 draws near.

A Virtual Team that Values Unity

We all come from different places with unique perspectives on life. While this is a good thing, it can also work to divide us if we aren’t careful. There are no perfect remote teams or individuals who make up those teams. We all have our struggles and triumphs.

The best virtual assistant teams in 2021 will possess open-mindedness, compassion and maturity to appreciate the humanity of those on their team and any companies they assist with tasks. This means looking for the good in others regardless of political affiliation, race or any other barrier while making a unified effort towards project goals.

Unity will be all the more important, given the potential for vast geographical and cultural differences between virtual team members and the companies they assist.

A Constant Desire to Improve

Today’s virtual team landscape is continually changing. “We’ve always done it that way” will continue to be a dangerous phrase. Instead, quality remote teams will think, “There has to be a better way” and then figure out what those new strategies should look like.

If your business is considering hiring a virtual team this year, look for a group that aren’t scared off by technological advancements and outside-the-box solutions. A complacent and business-as-usual virtual team just won’t cut it in 2021.

Strong Virtual Team Leadership

Successful virtual teams are only as capable as their leadership. Effective virtual teams will need a highly qualified online manager in 2021, especially given today’s challenges.

In their “Forbes” article entitled How to Lead Virtually in a Time of Pandemic, Nick Petschek and Rachel Rosenfeldt share the following:

“Especially in a crisis, we cannot forget that we are all human – and tapping into that humanity is the foundation of leading in such uncertain times.”

Leading virtual teams was never a ‘walk in the park’ but the close of this year and the year to come will require even greater wisdom and skill from those overseeing virtual project management.

Virtual team communication will be a must in 2021 and beyond as work and home lives collide due to rapidly changing conditions caused by the pandemic. The strongest remote teams aren’t necessarily the most gifted or driven in the traditional sense. Instead, they do their best work when each team member feels cared about and their contributions are valued. A competent yet compassionate and kind online manager will be a significant asset in 2021 as the pandemic continues.

Could Your Business Benefit from a Virtual Team in 2021 and Beyond?

If so, Smart to Finish can provide your business with a remote team. That way, you’ll have a qualified group to help you from day one regardless of where your business calls home. We also can assist you if you need a remote assistant (virtual assistant) or an online business manager.

The best way to find out how we can help your business is to get in touch with us. Feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more. We look forward to chatting soon!

How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant Company for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant Company for Your Business

Are you a business owner or business manager looking for the best virtual assistant company, given your unique needs? If so, you already realize there are many choices out there. But you also understand that not all options offer equal value.

How do you decide on the best virtual assistant services for your company? While that answer will be slightly different for everyone, here are some useful guidelines to keep in mind.

A Well-Established Virtual Assistant Company

When the pandemic hit this year, many businesses became painfully aware of their neglected digital marketing strategies. More than ever, the ‘brick and mortar’ approach wasn’t cutting it with the lockdowns and uncertainties.

Maybe it was a website that needed updated content, design or features that caught their attention. Or perhaps digital marketing strategies like social media marketing were lacking. Plenty of other concerns surfaced as well.

With that surge in digital demand came new VA companies and solopreneurs to meet that need. That led to an increase in fledgling VA businesses and some scams. While there certainly are some quality recently established VA companies out there, you’ll generally experience more consistent results from a virtual assistant business established well before then.

For that reason, it makes sense more than ever to choose a virtual assistant company that’s been around for a while. That way, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the results your company needs (especially during the crucial times we find ourselves in).

Remember that ‘Cheap’ Virtual Assistants Won’t Save You Money

Especially with many businesses struggling this year more than usual, this one bears repeating. Some businesses new to the virtual assistant world figure they can build their business with cheap virtual assistant services.

After months or years of disappointment, they finally realize they’ve spent more money on ‘cost-effective’ services because they’re just a watered-down version of the reliable services they needed all along. That’s because a cheap remote assistant, remote team or online manager will cost you more in the long run.

You lose more than money in this pursuit too. You also lose the time you could’ve spent building your business the right way from the start. In the virtual assistant world, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There’s little doubt you’ll get what you paid for but didn’t want if you go the cheap route.

For that reason, be cautious of offers to build your business from the ground with mere pennies. If it were that easy, a lot more people would own successful companies. Instead, look for a quality business that gives you more value in their pricing.

Especially if you’re unsure if you can afford a VA, don’t give in to the low-rate trap. Even some more established businesses were tempted to go that route this year given the harsh economic times. But remember that inferior work at basement prices will cost you more now than when things were economically stable.

Assess Your Needs First

It’s easy to jump into the search phase when looking for top virtual assistant companies. You already feel the crunch for time and are falling behind on tasks after all. But choosing too quickly could make the process more difficult.

Before searching for a VA company, get a good idea of your business needs. Besides that, also figure out your company’s major weaknesses and future goals. This will allow you to not simply fill roles in your company. It’ll also allow you to solve your most perplexing concerns and reach for your dreams.

In her “Inc.” article entitled Virtual Assistants are the Best-Kept Secret of Modern Productivity, Diane Gottsman shares some of the possible needs you may have as a business:

“Perhaps you would benefit from higher-level support, such as a virtual business manager capable of creating the processes and forms that your growing company needs. VAs can also be personal assistants, managing a mix of business and personal tasks.”

If you take the time to discuss your needs, weaknesses and future goals beforehand, you’ll have a better idea of the best VA company for your business when the search phase begins. Without taking that step first, it’ll be tough to decide.

Looking for the Best Virtual Assistant Company for Your Business? Let’s Chat!

With Smart to Finish, delegating tasks doesn’t have to be drudgery. We provide the perfect solution to your digital needs, whether your business could benefit from an online business manager, virtual office assistant, digital marketing virtual assistant or virtual team.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can propel your business forward, please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. We look forward to becoming a vital part of your business development and growth strategy.