Could a virtual team be a significant answer to your business growth in 2o22 and beyond? While there’s always a combination of reasons businesses grow, each company is only as good as the staff they have behind them.

Hiring a virtual team from a virtual assistant company can provide several unique benefits in the months and years ahead. The same also applies if you could use some help with managing virtual teams.

In his article entitled Why Entrepreneurs Struggle Delegating to Remote Teams, Jeff J. Hunter shares the following:

“Here’s the truth: You do too many things as business owners. You do it because it’s important. However, it’s not important that you do it all.”

Why exactly should you consider hiring a remote team in 2022 to help you reach your business growth goals? Here are some compelling reasons to consider.

A Quick Answer to Staffing Disruptions

Multiple complex issues are playing out in the job market at the moment, which is causing significant turnover in many industries. Add in continued COVID concerns, inflation, childcare issues and early retirements among many other variables and, well, you have a recipe for epic hiring complications.

Growing businesses don’t have the option to sit idly by and hope staffing goes back to how it was pre-pandemic. This is all the truer since there’s no indication these concerns are going to disappear anytime soon.

That’s where virtual assistant services like the option of hiring a virtual team can help you grow your business quickly. You may be starting out and need to quickly scale your company’s growth. You may also have an established business that needs a sizeable staffing boost to continue progressing. Either way, a virtual team can help you weather the uncertain times many companies are experiencing with the labor markets right now.

Easier to Integrate a Remote Team into Your Business Growth Strategy

Yes, remote work was forced into the limelight due to the pandemic. And in 2021, many businesses still saw remote work as more of a necessity due to COVID. But now, companies increasingly view the virtual work option as something independent of COVID.

They’re wondering if it makes sense to stay completely remote or are at least to embrace a hybrid set-up with some in-office and remote days. They’ve had the chance to evaluate the pros and cons of a growing demand for a virtual workplace.

What does that mean for businesses considering hiring a virtual team from a VA company in 2022? First, companies are becoming more open-minded about virtual work arrangements. Yes, the idea of remote work was, for a time, a necessary evil. But now, in many cases, it’s being looked at as more necessary than evil.

Also, far more businesses are set up to easily integrate an on-demand remote team into their business growth strategy. To do so no longer seems so “cutting edge.” Taking that step just feels more natural, normal and comfortable now.

An Option that Provides Plenty of Value

At first glance, hiring a remote team may seem like a significant investment in resources. However, when you consider the cost of potential employee turnover, rehiring and training that’s involved, an increasing number of businesses have discovered that outsourcing work to a virtual assistant team can be quite cost effective.

Sure, you don’t need to worry about providing additional office space at your company’s business location. But you also have a seasoned, on-demand remote team to meet you where your needs are today rather than three or six months from now. Not having enough support today could cost your company in lost revenue now and lead to stagnant growth down the road.

Complex Problem-Solving

Plenty of small businesses can get by with the help of a virtual personal assistant at first. However, as your business grows, it can be beneficial to have an experienced team on your side.

With each virtual team member added, you gain a more vital ability to solve complex problems about your business and how it relates to an ever-changing world. It can be quite the advantage to know you have experience on your side right when you need it most. Complex problems begin to feel more manageable too.

The Perfect Opportunity to Let Go

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is learning to let go. You know you can only do so much and that you’ll need a team behind you to accomplish your goals.

Hiring a virtual team offers the perfect opportunity for learning to let go, as scary as that can be. The great news is that once you leave the work in good hands, you discover freedom waiting on the other side.

You have the time to lead your business instead of feeling too overwhelmed with uncompleted tasks to take on that role. You also discover a much healthier work/life balance while enjoying the progress you see in your business.

Is Hiring a Virtual Team a Smart Move for Growth in Your Business?

It very well may be. It’s also possible you could use some support with leading remote teams. In that case, an online business manager can help with your virtual project management needs. The best virtual assistant companies will provide a variety of services, tailoring to what works best for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how Smart to Finish can help you grow your business through virtual teams, please feel free to get in touch. You’re also welcome to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see what specific strategy would work best for your business.