Four Ways To Use Webinars To Grow Your Business

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Four Ways To Use Webinars To Grow Your Business

These days, companies are finally starting to see the benefits of using webinars to grow their small business. Not only can webinars be used to generate revenue for themselves, but they can also increase awareness, minimize costs, and build trust with their audience. Below we’ve included four simple things you can do to get the most out of your webinars.

1. Build Brand Awareness & Trust

One of the best ways to build trust and show the real value of your company is to use live video in webinars. While content is great, it’s often one-sided. Webinars allow your customers to get engaged in the conversation live – giving them the opportunity to build rapoir and trust with your company.

2. Grow & Clean Your Mailing List

One of the most simple ways to grow your mailing list is to host a webinar. You can create new mailing lists from those who attended your webinars. If they attended a webinar of yours, they are more likely to engage in follow up content you send via email, making these mailing lists more responsive.

3. Increase Conversions On High Ticket Items

Using webinars to sell big ticket items has been proven to be extremely effective. During webinars, customers are given a chance to get to know you and your company. Building this relationship before asking them to spend a lot of money with your company will ultimately give you a better chance of selling them down the road.

4. Co-Host & Interview Authority Experts

A great way to become an expert in your field and draw in potential clients is to co-host and interview other authority experts in your field. You could do this at a sponsored event as noted in our 5 Simple Networking tips for Small Businesses, or turn it into a virtual webinar. You could even stream your live event, so those who are not in your area can join as well.

Need some help running your webinars? We do it all the time for our current customers. Shoot us a note and let us know what your needs are – we would love to help build up your webinar experience!

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5 Simple Networking tips for Small Businesses

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5 Simple Networking tips for Small Businesses

Are you wondering how you can put you and your business in front of more professionals in your industry? There are plenty of ways to do it without spending a fortune. We’ve compiled a list of five things you can start doing right away to help drive potential customers to your business.

1. Attend Networking Events

The quickest way to meet other professionals in your field is to get out there and attend networking events. If you get the opportunity to present at any of the events, do it! Contributing to the community often results in you being the first contact people think of when they’re in the market for an expert in your field.

2. Creat Your Own Event!

Take it one step further and create your own networking event! Come up with something simple that would attract other professionals in your industry and hold a monthly meeting. It would be as simple as hosting an hour meetup at your office or a local pub. You could talk about something related to the products you sell that would be interesting for other professionals to learn. Providing free information and putting yourself out there as an expert in your industry can really help draw in potential customers.

3. Sponsor and Lead an Organization

If you do the math, it’s actually a lot cheaper to sponsor different organizations than pay the per meeting cost. If your product or service is a good fit for some of the professional organizations near you, then sponsor them! You’ll get exposure at every meeting and everytime they communicate with their members. Take it one step further and lead your own organization. It’s the best way to get the most out of your organizations and connect with some bright minds.

4. Support A Cause

Customers love to hear how your business is helping the community around you. Support a local cause and do some good for both you and your community. Get involved in local charities, volunteer to help clean up the city, sponsor events, etc. It’s really not hard to get started, and everyone(including the earth) will reap the benefits.

5. Be Helpful and Stay in Touch

It’s hard growing a small business. If you come across something that’s really helped your business, share it with your industry. Becoming an industry expert and answering questions is a great way to find potential customers without putting in a lot of effort. Make yourself available by getting involved in social media and stay connected with your clients.

Are you still struggling to bring in potential clients? Shoot us a message or give us a call – we’ve got a whole list of ideas we can customize to your particular business.

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Three Things You Can Do To Boost Traffic To Your Website

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Three Things You Can Do To Boost Traffic To Your Website

Marketing in the digital world is a whole different ball game compared to competing with your local market. How in the heck does a small business compete with those huge corporations who have teams of marketing people dedicated to making the company more prominent than you? It can seem like an impossible task, but we’re here to tell you… it’s not.

In fact, there is A LOT you can do to boost traffic to your website. If we told you about all the ways, the blog post would never end. We’re going to hit you with three things we think will grab you that new traffic in no time. So, without further ado…

1. Build An Email List

Didn’t know you could boost traffic through an email list did ya? Newsletters are actually a really great way to promote your website. Make sure to add a sign up form on your website and encourage your customers to sign up. Use the newsletter to promote new sales, events, and guess what, stuff on your website!

2. Blog Like Crazy

Content is king and honestly, he’s always going to rule. If you want spiders crawling your website, you need to post high quality content and post it often. We recommend at least getting one blog up a week if not more. You can talk about anything… industry news, new products or services, how your company is impacting your community, how to articles, the list goes on. Not sure what to post about? Shoot us a note – we’ve got lot’s of topic ideas for you.

3. Optimize Your Site For SEO

All that content you’re posting isn’t going to do you any good if it’s not optimized for search engines. There’s no point in trying to manipulate search engines these days. Your main focus should always be to make your website as readable as possible for robots crawling your site. Run reports frequently with tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. They can help you find issues with your site so you can optimize the heck out of it to get better results.

Are you looking for some other ways to boost traffic to your website? Like we said above, we’ve got a plethora of ideas. Just shoot us a note and lets get talking. Small business to small business, we got your back.

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5 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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5 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Utilizing the services of a virtual assistant can save you hours of time a week to focus on the more exciting aspects of your business. But what do you even give your VA to work on? Depending on who you’re working with, virtual assistants can handle tasks as simple as updating spreadsheets to basically running your whole business for you online.

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your workload and utilize the talents of your assistants, try giving them these 5 things to do on a weekly basis.

  1. Social Media Updates
    Why spend your precious time writing and updating all of your social media accounts when you can have someone do it for you? Spend that extra free time making connections face to face.
  2. Email Management
    Virtual assistants can be white labeled, which can be super handy if you need someone to manage your email customer service accounts. Have your VA connect with your customers for you.
  3. Scheduling
    Sick of trying to manage your company calendar? Your personal calendar? Most virtual assistants can handle this tedious task for you.
  4. Online Research
    Need to gather some information for a new product, new competitor, new laws in your industry?? Send your virtual assistant on the hunt for you.
  5. Data Entry
    We know you hate tedious tasks that take up your precious time. Data Entry is one of those things. There’s no reason for you to focus on adding information when you should be focusing on how to reach more clients. Hand the tedious tasks off!!

Our team of virtual assistants can accomplish a lot more than what’s on this list. If you’re interested to see how we can help grow your business and save you time in the long run, give us a shout out. Have some other ideas on what you can give to a virtual assistant?? Please share with us in the comments below!

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How To Add Audio To Your WordPress Images

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How To Add Audio To Your WordPress Images

Did you know that you could add audio to your WordPress images? We had no idea until we stumbled upon this little gem of an article the other day talking about adding audio to images… Say what?! This feature gives users the option to play short audio clips on selected images while browsing your site. Cool huh?

Think of the possibilities! You could add short stories giving background information about the image, showcase a product or service, simply add music, create a how-to clip about a specific step in a procedure, really…we could go on all day.

So I’ll just start with how to get started…

How to Add Audio To Images Using WordPress Editor

If you use WordPress Editor, all you need to do is install and activate Audio Story Images. Once the plugin is activated, all you need to do is:

  1. Upload an image and audio file to your media library. (Make sure you are in LIST view, not GRID view).
  2. You should see a column for “Audio Story”. Click “Attach” next to any image you would like to add audio to. Select the audio track using the radio buttons on the popup and click “Select”.
  3. Insert image into page using normal “Add Media” button in the WordPress editor.
  4. Publish page and test!

How to Add Audio to Images Using Divi

The process is a little more complicated with Divi, but once you get the process down, it’s really not much different than the WordPress Editor process. Really, there’s one additional step. lol.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from WordPress Editor instructions above.
  2. Add a normal text module to the page and use the “Add Media” button to insert the image.
  3. Save the image module and update the page. You will not see the audio image in preview mode so you will need to publish to see it.
  4. Publish the page and test!

That’s it folks! We would really love to hear how you plan to use this cool new feature in the comments below. If you find yourself in brain overload, shoot us an email and we can help you figure it all out together.

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Why You Need to Delegate to Succeed in Business

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Why You Need to Delegate to Succeed in Business

If you’re trying to run a small business with little help, then you know how overwhelming things can become. Most of the time financial resources come into play, or people feel they can complete projects quicker themselves. The truth of the matter is if you ever want to succeed in business, you’re going to need to delegate.

When you hire a virtual assisting team to help run your business, you’re hiring a team of professionals that will most likely complete a job quicker and more efficiently. In addition, allowing a team to take over all of your administrative, web marketing, and web development tasks will save you a lot of money in the long run. This allows business owners to get back to what they do best, bringing in new customers and expanding their business.

Here are three tips on how you can delegate successfully:

  1. Figure out what you’re willing to delegate
    When you’re first starting out, you should consider assigning smaller tasks and work up to the larger, more complicated tasks. This will give your virtual assisting team time to learn your procedures, policies, and way of doing things.
  2. Pick the right person for the job
    Find out the strengths and weaknesses of each of your team members and pass along projects to those you believe are the best fit for the job. A couple of things to look for in virtual assistants include; confidence, self-motivation, and able to work without constant supervision.
  3. Make sure you communicate CLEARLY!
    This is probably the most important key to great delegation. No matter what the task, always be upfront about expectations, deadlines, and provide all of the information the team or person will need to complete the goals for the task. Communication should be clear and concise — the more direction you give your team, the better your chances of them coming back with exactly what you wanted.

Delegating in business is critical to your success. Set yourself up for the future by investing in yourself now. Get started with an experienced virtual assistant team like Smart to Finish that can make your business succeed and your life a little easier.

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