Have you ever considered hiring a virtual team, virtual assistant or online manager to help with your New Year’s business goals? Traditionally, setting individual goals for the new year meant putting all the pressure to change or achieve on yourself. Like most of us, you probably had your share of disappointment after some of those goals fell by the wayside.

Perhaps if you’d had some people come alongside you to encourage you with those individual goals, you would’ve experienced greater success. The same could be said of your business goals for 2021. Sure, you’re an essential part of your company, but you can’t do it all alone.

In his “Entrepreneur” article entitled, 4 New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Should Make, Syed Balkhi shares the following:

“By making New Year’s resolutions for your business—and following through with them—your business can reach new heights this coming year.”

As the New Year approaches, here are some possible goals setting ideas to consider as you weigh the option of working with a virtual assistant company.

Re-Explore Your Long-Term Vision

Whew! If ever there was a years’ end to go back and look at your long-term strategy again, this was it. With all the pressing matters businesses had to juggle, it was easy to fall into survival mode and stay there.

For that reason, it’s crucial after a year like 202o to revisit what you’ve wanted to implement but struggled to accomplish. To do that, you’ll need time to think outside of the ‘hamster wheel schedule’ this year may have become for you.

Intentionally clearing your schedule will be a must. Otherwise, you’ll risk starting 2021 on the same track. That’s where hiring a virtual assistant company can help to quickly give you some much needed time to plan your next moves. Without time for strategizing, your business could miss out on some of the best 2021 has to offer.

Review Customer or Client Complaints

None of us like to think about disappointing our clients or customers. It’s a painful thought but happens at times despite our best efforts. When setting smart business goals, think about any reoccurring themes you found in your complaints.

Once you identify aspects of your business you can improve on in 2021, think about whether a VA team, VA or OBM could help. A virtual assistant team will likely be able to help you make your customers happier in 2021.

Envision a Post-Pandemic Approach

It may be difficult to imagine at the moment, but a 2021 vaccine could lead to a post-pandemic scenario which will likely require a different business approach than your current one.

How will you change your business strategy post-pandemic? Tentatively setting business goals for this transition will help you to prepare better for the road ahead. It will also help you to rapidly implement a strategy change when the moment arrives.

Perhaps you’ll want to ramp up your hiring process or will have some aspects of your business that need delegated immediately. This transition and beyond could be a great time to consider what a virtual assistant company can do for you after the pandemic calms down. As you plan, it wouldn’t hurt to speak with a VA company at least a few months before you expect demand for their services.

Virtual Team or Remote Assistant: Could 2021 Be the Year?

At Smart to Finish, we can help you achieve more in 2021 through delegation. You don’t have to let the new year slip by without accomplishing business goals that are important to you. Our team is ready to assist you.

Is it possible you’ll need a virtual assistant, remote team or online business manager during the upcoming year? If so, now is the perfect time to schedule a 30-minute free consultation with us.