Meet Tina Walker… the Web Manager and Senior Web Developer at Smart to Finish Office Solutions.

Tina is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have four kids, all boys.  Though it’s hard to call them all kids: Zach is 24, Jake is 23, Nick is 18 and graduating high school in a few short weeks, and Ethan is 15.

Tina spends all her spare time with her family.  Depending upon the season, you will spot on bleachers somewhere – football, basketball, baseball, or track.  If they are not at a sporting event, then you’ll find them spending family time. Summers are spent playing cornhole, basketball, or just being together, BBQing and talking.

Tina really values and takes care of her people, whether it’s her family or clients. Tina has shown her commitment and dedication to Smart to Finish and our clients for almost 10 years.


Tina’s Background

Prior to Smart To Finish Tina worked at a family business in the construction industry.  With 3 children at the time, she decided it would be better for them if she worked from home. She started doing a lot of freelance work with just local companies in her community.  She happened to see a post that the Delegation Diva was hiring, and thought it sounded fun! Almost 10 years later, she’s a crucial part of the team.


Tina Puts the Smart in Smart to Finish

Tina’s special gift is her brain. There’s truly not a complex issue, whether it’s coding something code, or finding a bug that she can’t solve.

Stop Hesitating, and Start Delegating

Tina’s got a lot of advice for clients and technology.  She says to ALWAYS have two forms of backups for your website, one at the server level, and the other using a backup plugin that can send the backup to Google Drive, or Dropbox.   You should have a daily backup and at least a week of incremental backups.  Also, you should update plugins, themes, and core files that need to be updated weekly, or bi-weekly.  Updates are meant to fix known bugs and increase your overall security.


If you’d like to put Tina’s brain to work on your business, click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.