10 Things You May Not Know About Andrea, our Administrative Assistant

What is a unique fact about you?

I’m a twin! I have a twin sister who lives in Washington D.C.

 What is your favorite food/drink?

Coffee with a side of coffee.

Where was your favorite vacation?

Colorado. Always 🙂

Do you have pets?

Yes! Two dogs. A boxer and a pitbull. Both 5 years old!

Favorite movie or TV show?

Good Will Hunting.

The BEST gift you ever received?

My daughter, Nora.

What is your favorite number?

4, my birthday is 4/4!

What are some of your hobbies?

I love reading.

Where is your favorite shop or place to shop at?


What is your favorite music?

Country and blues!

10 Things You May Not Know About Amanda, our Digital Marketing Strategist

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What is your favorite food/drink?

My favorite drink is called yerba mate. It is a type of caffeinated beverage that is popular is Argentina and across South America. It has the health benefits of green tea, but the caffeine strength of a strong coffee and it gives you the same feeling of euphoria that comes from chocolate. My favorite brand is Guayaki; it comes in bottles, cans, or loose leaf. The bottled mint is my absolute favorite!

What food do you dislike the most?

Meat! I became a vegetarian when I was 12 years old. I saw a truck filled with cows on their way to the slaughter house, and I haven’t eaten meat since.

Where was your favorite vacation?

India. It is such a unique and incredible place. I spent a month traveling around the north, mostly through Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, and then went to a yoga ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas on the Ganges River. It was a magical adventure filled with incredible people and experiences.

Do you have pets?

I have a dog named Opal. I adopted her when I was in college after fostering her for a few months (yep, I’m a foster failure). When I had her DNA tested, the results said she’s 76% mixed breed – not very helpful! She is therapy-dog certified, so she sometimes visits hospitals and nursing home patients. She loves fetch, digging in the sand, taking naps, and treats!

Favorite movie or TV show?

Basically every HBO show.

What did you want to be as a kid?

Veterinarian or a Spice Girl.

Favorite Restaurant?

Crossroads Kitchen in L.A. serves the most phenomenal vegan food I’ve ever eaten. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Where is your favorite shop or place to shop at?

I love finding unique creations on Etsy or going to thrift stores.

What is your favorite music?

The Shins Pandora station or any type of funky indie/alternative rock, or dance-pop remixes are great too.

You love people who…?

Read “About Me” pages!

10 Things You May Not Know About…. Laura, Technical Specialist for Smart To Finish!

(Q) Where was your favorite vacation?
Jamaica! My husband and I got married in Jamaica, and it was SO beautiful. We are hoping to go back for an upcoming anniversary.

(Q) Do you have pets?
Sure do! I have a dog, 2 cats, and 4 chickens. That’s it, for now….although, a friend currently has 2 kids (aka baby goats) that need a home…

(Q) You love people who…?
Aren’t afraid to be who they truly are or say what they really think.


10 Things You May Not Know About…Amber Miller, CEO and Chief Diva of Smart to Finish Office Solutions

1) I burn everything I cook. My husband says I can burn water.

2) I have a mini horse and a mini donkey as family pets.

3) I hate to be cold, and I really hate the snow.

4) My favorite dessert is warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I could eat that everyday!

5) I am an only child. Growing up I felt more at ease in a room full of adults than with the other kids.

6) I have permanent eyeliner. It was a pretty blue, now it has faded to turquoise. It hurt so bad I don’t want to go have it darkened.

7) I love to go to antique stores. I love finding unique things or old treasures.

8) My dream vacation would be on an Alaskan cruise. Not sure I could handle the cold weather though…

9) I’m addicted to coffee. Everyone around me knows if I haven’t had enough…

10) The craziest thing I have ever done was to go and get my belly button pierced during my lunch break with my sister-in-law. I don’t think they thought we would do it. That lasted two years until I got pregnant with my 3rd child. :)

10 Things You May Not Know About… Tina Walker, Technology Manager and WordPress & Graphics Diva for Smart to Finish

1. What you wanted to do as a kid?

(A) I grew up in a really small town and I think with most kids from a really small town, you have big dreams to grow up and enter the “big city life”. I always thought I would grow up and be an attorney. I pictured myself living in a eclectic loft overlooking the Plaza. Funny thing is that I live
10 minutes from that small town, which I would never want to leave today. I live on 20 acres with my family and would never want to be an attorney today!

2. Siblings

(A) I have one younger brother, Rick. He lives in Minnesota now, but we go visit him each summer. He is a professional Walleye Angler and placed second in the U.S. a few years back. He was ranked as one of the worlds top Ironmen in his sport 3 years consecutively. I am so happy that he gets to live his dream and he is a great uncle to my boys.

3. Wisest thing anyone ever told me was?

(A) I was once told by a good friend that you have to look at life like you looked at college. You go through life to learn and when you make a mistake, that’s your tuition, pay it, and keep learning.

4. My role model is, because?

(A) My role model was my grandparents. Salt of the Earth people who instilled in me the importance of honesty, treatment of others, love of family, dedication, hard work and always doing what was right, even when it was hard.

5. Where you were born?

(A) I live on the Kansas/Missouri line, on the Kansas side. There is a sort of rivalry on both sides of the state line. Kansans always say that Kansas is the better place and Missourians say Missouri is. My mom had traveled over into Missouri for the day and went into labor with me, called my grandparents to say she had to go to the nearest hospital in which my grandparents thought was a joke as I was born on April Fool’s Day. So, I am officially known in this area as a “Missouri Puke” or a “Missouri Jack***” Yes, it’s true! Feel free to google and you will get a great lesson on Missouri history!

6. Your favorite food?

(A) My favorite food, well, It’s a toss up between Fettucinni Alfredo and Jose Pepper’s (local KC restaurant) Chips and Salsa.

7. Scariest thing to you is?

(A) Scariest thing to me is I am scared to death of any spider of any size. Second runner up is flying. However, I have flown a time or two.

8. Favorite movie or tv show?

(A) As of now I love to watch The Big Bang Theory

9. Favorite Music?

(A) I like a lot of different genres. Country, pop, rock, christian rock, some rap. It does bother me just a little that 80’s music these days is being called “classic”!

10. The best gift I ever got was?

(A) My children. I truly never understood the magnitude in which a child changes a persons life until I had my first child. I realized then if I never earned another thing in my life it was okay, because I truly had all that I needed. Beyond my children I recently received a gift in which a wonderfully sweet girl went and collected old barn wood in which she sanded down herself, glued together, took some small nails and made a heart shape with them, ran red string from nail to nail making a beautiful heart. I was awestruck at her thoughtfulness. The gift is beautiful and sits in the heart of our home.