Why is delegating tasks necessary to your growth as an entrepreneur? Because learning how to delegate is far more than something you do. Most importantly, the delegation of responsibility done well shapes who you become.

In her “Entrepreneur” article entitled 7 Rules for Entrepreneurs to Delegate Effectively, Anna Johansson says, “You need to think about delegating some of your work. Delegation is a key factor in entrepreneurial success, on both a personal and professional level.”

At first glance, delegating may seem like nothing more than a mundane task entrepreneurs check off their lengthy to-do lists. But the end result is a destiny and not just a duty.

As an entrepreneur, you’re continually growing. You may not always think of it that way because of your ever-growing responsibilities, but that’s the undeniable reality whether your company is struggling or thriving.

Not all entrepreneurs experience the same growth trajectory though. Some look more like a stunted, water-deprived garden plant. Others experience lush growth like a plant regularly given plenty of water. What makes the difference between the two?

While the answer to such a question is nuanced, learning the art of delegation as an entrepreneur is an integral aspect of your growth process. Here’s why you should regularly delegate work if you want to grow as an entrepreneur.

Someone Out There Can Do Those Tasks Better

Yes, that’s initially a tough one for one’s ego as an entrepreneur but so true. Among all the jobs you have to get done, some are a constant struggle because they aren’t where your passions and strength lie.

That doesn’t make you weak or inept. It’s just the reality every entrepreneur out there faces. To grow, you have to learn to play to your strengths. But you can’t stop there. You also need to gather individuals around you who are strong in areas you aren’t.

The more this happens, the more your business will thrive. You won’t always feel like you’re doing some tasks well but failing at others. You’ll have more time to grow in the skills that interest you most and become even better at them because of your delegation skills.

Less Frustration Means More Passion

You need to maintain your passion as an entrepreneur to stay motivated and continually grow. But somewhere along the way, all the things you have to do can sap the joy out of you. And you can start to feel regularly frustrated.

Every entrepreneur goes through seasons of aimlessness, complacency and a loss of vision. And not all entrepreneurs survive this stage. For some, that’s a good thing because they’re ready for a different entrepreneurial challenge. But others simply need a bit more perseverance to break through the listlessness.

Although seasons of frustration can help you grow, no one receives a trophy for staying there longer than you have to! Less frustration through effective delegation gives you more time and inner calm to make the best choices for your business and those who’re helping your mission to become successful. You also have more time and energy to focus on personal growth as an entrepreneur.

The Power of Delegation Ensures Even More Growth Will Happen

What do you experience as an entrepreneur when you aren’t delegating appropriately? An incredible amount of physical, emotional and spiritual stress. You’re always busy—like someone lost at sea in a rowboat who’s unsure of where to locate the closest shore.

There’s an enormous effort with little progress. It’s hard to figure out a plan to grow as an entrepreneur (let alone figure out how to implement that strategy). You’re always just trying to ‘keep your head above water.’

Something drastically shifts when you begin delegating, though. You become more intentional about your business strategy, and you’re able to focus much more on self-improvement. You finally have time to get out of the way of your business and just concentrate on leading it.

And it’s not long before you find ways to improve. One major perk of noticing opportunities to grow as a business owner is that encouraging your team to grow personally becomes a higher priority. Your goal isn’t about ‘squeezing every last dollar out of them.’

It becomes about genuinely wanting your staff to achieve their highest potential because you’re interested in them as people. And when your staff feels valued, you’ll be amply rewarded.

Could You Use Some Help with Delegating Tasks?

Once you go all-in on delegation, finding virtual help can significantly improve your personal and business growth. You can quickly enhance your delegation of duties through a virtual assistant company instead of going through the long, arduous and unpredictable process of hiring in-person staff.

Instead, you’ll have an on-demand solution to all those nagging tasks that need to be done. Those tasks may be completed best by a virtual team, virtual assistant or online business manager. Smart to Finish can help you develop a customized delegation strategy so you and your business continue growing.

Would you like to find out more about how we can assist you? If so, feel free to reach out to us for a free 30-minute consultation. We look forward to working with you!