Each month we will share some fun facts about our Team Members!

This month, learn more about our Chief Diva, Amber Miller:

1) I burn everything I cook. My husband says I can burn water.

2) I have a mini horse and a mini donkey as family pets.

3) I hate to be cold and I really hate the snow.

4) My favorite dessert is warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I could eat that everyday!

5) I am an only child. Growing up I felt more at ease in a room full of adults than with the other kids.

6) I have permanent eyeliner. It was a pretty blue, now it has faded to turquoise. It hurt so bad I don’t want to go have it darkened.

7) I love to go to antique stores. I love finding unique things or old treasures.

8) My dream vacation would be on an Alaskan cruise. Not sure I could handle the cold weather though…

9) I’m addicted to coffee. Everyone around me knows if I haven’t had enough…

10) The craziest thing I have ever done was to go and get my belly buttoned pierced during my lunch break with my sister-in-law. I don’t think they thought we would do it. That lastest two years until I got pregnant with my 3rd child 🙂