I get asked this question a lot! What is the difference and when do I use each one. Here is my SHORT answer from a lesson in the April Infusionsoft training class I taught with Tina Forsyth:

There are actually several differences between order forms and using the shopping cart links in Infusionsoft. I mostly prefer to use the order form. Mostly because I like how I can connect a thank you page to my order form without any additional steps. If you want to have a unique thank you page using shopping cart links, you have to first create a customized “theme” that redirects to that particular thank you page which in my opinion can take more time.

As an Infusionsoft VA, my first step in deciding which way to go is actually deciding a few things up front as order forms are limited in a few ways:

1. Will we want to offer paypal as a checkout option?

Yes? Then use the shopping cart. You cannot use paypal as a checkout option using an order form.

2. Will we want to offer any coupon codes or discount codes?

Yes? Then use the shopping cart. You cannot use coupon codes using an order form.

3. Are we wanting to offer more than 2 pay plan options (full pay, 2 payments, 5 payments?)

Yes? Then use the shopping cart. You can only provide two payment plan options using an order form. This might be a pay in full or 2 payments. If you wanted to offer more than that, use the cart.

4. Do we want to give customers the option to continue shopping?

Yes? Then use the shopping cart. The order form is that…an order form to checkout and purchase.

And there you have it – my short answer of the main differences 🙂 Hope this helps!