As an online business manager, could you use some new ways to succeed? If so, adding white-label services to your business’s growth strategy could be part of the answer. Although plenty of businesses do benefit from the help of a white-label virtual assistant, many more overlook this valuable possibility. They focus more on ‘traditional’ growth strategies instead and miss out as a result.

In his Medium article entitled How to Grow Your Agency’s Bottom Line with White Label Services, Hans Holen shares the following:

“White-label services are often an efficient way for agencies to increase profitability by improving margin and growing top-line revenue at the same time.”

One constant in today’s tech-driven business atmosphere is change. For companies to be successful requires perpetual adaptation. With a white-label partnership, an online manager can ‘borrow’ a VA from a virtual assistant company while presenting the professional as their on-staff, home-grown expert. Their hiring interests could include white label marketing services, web development and much more.

How might this practice strengthen and advance your goals as an online business manager? Here are a few of the many ways.

Growth Without So Much Risk

If you’ve thought of adding an additional service to your business but have put it off for a while, that’s normal. Adding a new service can require a lot of planning, effort and expertise. And as an in-person business manager or manager online, you face regular pressure to grow your company while minimizing the chance for any ‘big’ setbacks.

The last thing you want is a less-than-satisfactory delivery of that new service when your existing ones have a reputation for excellence. There’s often significant risk involved with creating new services which can lead to the feeling of apprehension, cold feet and procrastination before finally taking the leap.

Yes, it’s possible that you need more time to think about adding an additional service. You obviously don’t want to make flippant or overly hasty business decisions. At the same time, if you’ve noticed the reoccurring theme of wanting to add new services to the business you oversee, now could be a great time to go for it.

By adding a white-label virtual assistant, you can experiment with offering new services before taking the ‘big leap’. For instance, you may have one client who needs help with web design and that’s a service you’ve wanted to add. You can hire a white-label virtual assistant skilled in that service to help with your project before going more mainstream with that offering.

Since you’ll be dealing with an expert right away, you won’t have to worry about a disappointing experience for your client. Then, you’ll be able to establish an ever-increasing framework for successfully delivering that service in the future.

You Can Hire on an As-Needed Basis (More Cost-Effective)

When you begin offering a new service, it’s possible the volume of demand for it may not be as strong as with your existing services. With a white-label virtual assistant, that’s no problem.

Simply hire your white-label VA for the services you need when you need them. It’s like having a full-time niche-specific expert available and only needing to pay for their services when your clients or customers could benefit from them.

Impressive Company Presentation

For better or worse, appearances matter in the business world. Offering a wide range of services shows potential clients and customers that you’re established and successful.

In the end, offering quality solutions while building strong relationships is what running a successful business is all about. The money earned is just a bi-product of that greater achievement. Having said that, without an initial impressive appearance, you may not get the chance to impress your client or customer as you hoped.

With a white-label VA, you’ll be able to bolster that impressive company appearance until you get the chance to show the high value of your services.

More Services Can Mean More Sales

Of course, you don’t want to offer so many services that you can’t provide high-quality outcomes. At the same time, the more ‘hooks’ you keep in the water, the more ‘fish’ you’ll catch.

Having a white-label virtual assistant enables you to scale your business’s growth more quickly. It also allows you to not only save money but to earn more. Those increased sales will allow you to continually improve your current services while developing new ones to offer.

Are You an Online Business Manager Who’s Considering White-Label Services?

At Smart to Finish, we love empowering your business and getting aspects of it moving that have been stuck in the mud. You may not have to put off offering that new service. It could be as simple as getting in touch with us.

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