A virtual team may be just what your successful company needs to recover from a historic recession brought on by the pandemic. The reality is that most successful businesses (although not all) have struggled this year.

And for some, it feels like you’re just trying to pick up all the pieces. Now, it may be time to regroup and rebuild. Feelings of hope and doubt may visit you in turns over whether you can satisfyingly do that.

If that’s where you find yourself, you aren’t alone and you have options when growing a business after a recession (and during it). The same entrepreneurial and risk-taking spirit that got you this far is still there. So, you look at the challenges, even if they seem daunting, and courageously find solutions. That’s just who you are.

As you figure out how to grow your business in light of the pandemic, we can help. We’ve been able to support successful businesses in adjusting to this year’s volatile market conditions.

In her “Forbes” article entitled How to Reinvent Your Business to Survive a Recession, Michelle Clarke shares the following: “With some preparation and foresight, companies with executable business continuity plans in place are usually better positioned to dedicate the resources required to quickly implement a strategic response to a disruption by pivoting or reinventing their business model.”

Here are some reasons to consider a virtual team as you decide on business growth strategies during the recession.

Prompt Results When You Need Them Most

Perhaps you had to let some of your employees go, and now you need to scale your business quickly again. The only trouble is that you feel stuck because hiring takes loads of effort, time and training. How will you ever promptly deliver the results your customers or clients demand?

Hiring a virtual team can help you to scale or rescale your business rapidly. That means less stress over having the help you need. It also means you can set aside the worry over having the expertise you’ll need. Right from the start, you’ll have a highly skilled team ready to make great things happen at your company.

A Team Outside of Your Company’s Challenges

When your business goes through challenging times, all of your team members feel that stress from the top to bottom. And just when you need innovation the most, all that stress can translate into a drop in energy, creativity and purpose.

How do you bail yourself out of such a scenario? While the best plan will require a multi-pronged approach, one answer for some businesses is to hire a virtual team outside of the company to assist with navigating these challenging times.

Instead of just hiring one virtual assistant, you’ll get a virtual assistant team. Bringing on a virtual team outside of your home-grown one has its advantages during tough times. Your remote team will be able to better emotionally separate themselves from the stress you feel in your business (while still being passionately involved in building your dreams).

What does that mean for you and your company? Help for your most pressing challenges from an energetic and creative team. You’ll get optimal results even when anxiety levels may be high in your business. You might also benefit from an outside perspective which will allow you to break free from operating in survival mode or feeling paralyzed.

White Label Services When You Need Them Most

White label virtual assistant services can also be a vital part of your comeback strategy. As you recover from the recession, now may be the opportune time to add new services or reintroduce previously existing services you had to cut back on for a while.

But what do you do if you’re not yet ready to hire someone as a full-time employee? One possibility is hiring a skilled part of our team to be part of the face of your team. You can present individuals from Smart to Finish as your own employees with our white label services during tough times, impressing your prospective clients or customers in the process.

Not only do you look more established by doing this, but you’ll automatically bring on an expert. That type of customer confidence can allow you to grow (or regrow) your business with fewer frustrating moments and unknowns. You just may find that bringing on a team of white label professionals is the ‘secret sauce’ for how to grow your company during challenging times.

Could a Virtual Team Be Part of the Solution to Your Pandemic Challenges?

Have you hit six figures or seven figures in your business, but things have been unusually tough this year? At Smart to Finish, we understand the many obstacles facing a six -figure business and larger along the path to success. We also realize that what matters most is that you can improve the lives of people around you who need your product or services while meeting your revenue goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist your business during the pandemic and the future, feel free to get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation. Whether you need an online business manager, virtual assistant or remote team, we’re here to make sure you grow your business regardless of the challenges.