Natalie loves helping high-achieving socially-responsible speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Natalie holds a Business Degree in Finance from Howard University, has worked for both the U.S. government and a Fortune 500 company and has written a best-selling book. She is an experienced virtual assistant and loves all things tech. Natalie is a certified digital marketer, Infusionsoft expert, WordPress web designer and outstanding problem solver.

As the busy working mother of 3 handsome little boys, Natalie is a strong advocate for work-life balance. Recitals, sports competitions, traveling, museums- there’s rarely a dull weekend at home.


  1. (Q) You love people who…Keep their word.
  2. (Q) Do you have pets? No, but a rather large bunny rabbit likes to eat from my garden each day. We call him Peter (although it might be a “she”).
  3. (Q) Favorite movie or tv show? Black Panther. I love well-written films with positive and original characters.
  4. (Q) Favorite Restaurant? The Vegetable Garden – their key lime pie is incredible
  5. (Q) The BEST gift you ever received? It was from my ex-fiance, but I can’t talk about it.
  6. (Q) What did you want to be as a kid? An actress and model. I actually did this in high school, but stopped after hearing so many stories of entertainers going bankrupt. So I went to college, studied accounting and finance and have been working in the business world ever since.
  7. (Q) What food do you dislike the most? Root beer
  8. (Q) Where was your favorite vacation? Bali. I went scuba diving to a shipwreck, rode an elephant through water, went whitewater rafting, got harassed by a greedy monkey, and ate vegan cashew ice cream from street vendor.
  9. (Q) What are some of your hobbies? Just about anything beach-related. I also sew, crochet and shoot pool. Now my children and I are working on solving a Rubik’s cube.
  10. (Q) What is your favorite food/drink? My favorite food is vegan pineapple pizza. I also love ripe juicy mangoes. My favorite drink is sparkling apple cider/grape juice.